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The following are current and upcoming service projects divided by Avenues of Service


Club service: A copy of needed positions can be found here.  For any and all areas you have an interest in, please send a note to Christine (christine@charlotterotary.com) with the group/s you would like to join or send a note to the contact person to learn more about it.


Literacy:  Literacy is a big part of Rotary and the Charlotte Club - Learn More
A great ongoing example is the Dictionary Project, giving dictionaries to third graders in higher risk schools.  For many, if not most, this will be the first book thay can call their own - Learn More 

9/11 Scholarships:  For more than a decade, the Rotary Club of Charlotte has been providing scholarships to the children of our First Responders - Learn More

TreesCharlotte:  Charlotte Rotary Club joined surrounding Rotary Clubs to plant over 200 trees on February 25, 2017 - Learn More

Crisis Assistance Ministry Clothing Drive: Charlotte Rotary assists Crisis Assistance Ministry with a clothing drive in November. - Learn More 

Rescue Mission Christmas Breakfast:  Members of the club will serve breakfast on Christmas Morning at the Charlotte Rescue Mission - Learn More

CART: Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust - an ongoing regional non-profit raising funds for Alzheimer's research.  Learn more


Rotary Youth Exchange - 8,000 High School students participate in Rotary Youth Exchange every year.  Whether you are a student going to a distant country or a Charlotte family hosting a student, it is an experience of a lifetime.  Learn More

Youth Merit Scholarships - Youth Awards program is designed to recognize outstanding seniors in the Charlotte community that excel both in the classroom and beyond. Special emphasis is given to those individuals who embody Rotary’s motto: Service Above Self.
Learn More 

1921 Scholarship Fund - Our clubs longest serving scholarship fund.  Learn More

Public Safety Scholarship Fund - Established following the attacks on 9/11, this fund supports the children of our local first responders.  Learn More


Classroom Central - Under the leadership of Charlotte Rotarian John Johnson and others, the Classroom Central dream began in early 2000. Charlotte Rotary has been actively participating ever since.  Learn More



The Rotary Club of Charlotte has been active in numerous International projects and is currently helping with water projects in Ethiopia and Haiti.

Ethiopia Water Project:  Learn More


The following are past service projects divided by Avenues of Service


Flight of Honor:  With many of our WWII veterans passing away every year, our club and district participated in the Fight of Honor, taking hundreds of veterans to Washington DC to see the new WWII Memorial.   Learn More

World War II Documentary - "How I survived World War II."   Of all the wars in recent memory, it was WWII that truly threatened our very existence as a nation. Because 640 veterans are dying each day, our club decided to document veteran's experiences.   Learn More

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Flag Project - CMS's budgets do not cover the replacement of tathered flags at our public schools.  Charlotte Rotary lead an effort to get all schools up-to-date.  86 flags in all.   Learn More

Rotary Clock Tower along the Charlotte Greenway - Learn More



Charlotte Rotary has a history of helping youth through our sponsored high school and college clubs, our youth exchange programs, our literacy programs for youth, just to name a few.  Most all of these programs are ongoing, and you can learn more about these in the column to the left. 



Like Youth Services, our vocational projects are ongoing and you can learn more under current projects.



Alta Cayma Mission Trip 2007 - Learn More

Alta Cayma Mission Trip 2008 - Learn More

Recent international projects include the following:

Providing hearing implants for children in Chandigarh, India - Learn more

Providing transportation for abused children in Curitiba, Brazil - Learn More

Providing medical equipment for cataract surgery in Rajpipla, India - Learn More

Mosquito Bed Nets in Botswana - Learn More




Arrive between 6:15AM-6:30AM
Wear white shirt & black pants
907 W. 1st Street

Use the sign-up box below

Tom Blocker
Glenn Bouley
Catherine Bracey
Carter Bradley
Shannon Bradley
Stone Bradley
William Bradley
Woodson Bradley
Allison Burkett - Queen City Rotary
Henry Cantrell
Maude Cantrell
Cate Coughter
Jerry Coughter
Mary Coughter
Jennifer Creegan
Jeanie Cottingham
Tom Cottingham
Chris Foster - Queen City Rotary
Brie Gallagher - Queen City Rotary
Brian Gibson
Mary  Gibson
Bill Gill
Katie Lenger - Queen City Rotary
Sheng Li
Ben Lu
Kathryn Lu
Wangzhong Lu
Luther Moore
Keith Nowokunski
Hope Penner
Jean Penner
Joe Penner
Matthew Penner
Art Ringwald
Lindsey Ringwald
Elizabeth Rudisill
Rudy Rudisill
Sherry Stevenson - Queen City Rotary
Bob Webb
Clayton Woodard
Hope Woods
Kailee Woods





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