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Left to Right:  Barry Rassin, Trustee-The Rotary Foundation; Joseph Mulkerrin, Director RI Zones 33-34; Ian Riseley, President-Elect Rotary International keep with the Rotary tradition of planting a tree at the Mint Museum on October 15, 2016.

 Group photo while celebrating the successful event.




April 22 1939  planted by Paul Harris, Founder and First Rotary International President  
Hard Sugar Maple,  Mint Museum

February 24, 1964 planted by Carl Miller,  President, Rotary International
Hard Sugar Maple,  Mint Museum

August 21, 1978 planted by Clem Renouf,  President, Rotary International
Red Maple-Acer Rubrum  Mint Museum

October 28, 2004 planted by President Glenn Estess,  President, Rotary International
Central Piedmont Community College

October 19, 2013 planted by 
Ron Burton, Rotary International
Mint Museum

October 19, 2013 President Ron Burton, Rotary International
Central Piedmont Community College

October 15, 2016 President-Elect Ian Riseley, Rotary International
Mint Museum

May 31, 2018 President-Elect Barry Rassin
October Glory Red Maple - Mint Museum

June 1, 2018 - President-Elect Barry Rassin
UNCC Center City Campus

November 10, 2018 - planted by Past Rotary International President John Germ
October Glory Red Maple - Mint Museum

November 19, 2021 - planted by Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta
October Glory Red Maple - Mint Museum


The History of the Rotary Club of Charlotte and The Mint Museum

There has been a long-standing relationship with the Rotary Club of Charlotte and The Mint Museum.  The largest club on the East Coast, the Rotary Club of Charlotte was chartered on December 1, 1916.  The goals of the organization include “participating in service projects that benefit their own community and those in other countries”.

On April 22, 1939, an English Walnut tree was planted on The Mint Museum of Art grounds, on behalf of the Rotary International Club.  The leaves of the tree which was planted “have been for the healing of the nations”, according to Rotary founder Harris. The tree and original plaque still resides on museum property (see picture below).

A second tree, a Hard Sugar Maple-Acer Saccarum tree was planted by the Rotary Club in 1964, and inscribed on the plaque reads, “Planted February 24, 1964, by Carl P. Miller, President, Rotary International; C.W. Gilchrist, Director, Rotary International; Dr. H. Haynes Baird, President, Charlotte Rotary Club;  Glenn E. Park, Chairman, Arrangements Committee.” This tree also still resides on museum property. 

In 1978, a Red Maple-Acer Rubrum tree was planted on behalf of the Rotary Club, and inscribed on the plaque reads “Planted August 21, 1978 by Clem Renouf, President, Rotary International, Dean W. Colvard, President, Charlotte Rotary Club”.  The tree still resides on the property



Governor Luther Moore with RI President Ron Burton
RI Vice President Anne Matthews and President Ron Burton with Governor Luther Moore.
Tree Planted by Rotary Founder Paul Harris at the Mint Museum.
RI President Ron Burton with Charlotte President John Tabor, who facilitated the event.
RI President Ron Burton admiring Governor-Elect Hen Dresser's car, "Sparky."
The presidential delegation dropped by and surprised Charlotte's newest rotary club - "End of the Week."

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