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The Rotary District 7680 Distinguished Rotarians Award was first awarded during the 1993-1994 year at the District Conference. Each of the clubs in District 7680 had the opportunity to honor a member of their club for a distinguished tenure as a Rotarian. The award is presented to a Rotarian who has exemplified "Service Above Self" in his/her daily life as a Rotarian and member of the community.



2018-2019        Chase B. Saunders

2017-2018        William E. Loftin, Jr.

2016-2017        Ronald R. Kimble

2015-2016        Luther L. Fincher, Jr.

2014-2015        Ed Wadsworth, II

2013-2014        Jessica Dupree, Bill Gill, Phil Volponi

2012–2013       Karen Steffens

2011–2012       John H. Tabor

2010–2011       Sandy Osborne

2009–2010      B. Lamar Thomas, Jr.

2008–2009      Carol W. Jordan

2007–2008      Catherine B. Browning

2006-2007       Alan T. Adler

2005-2006       Ralston M. Pound, Jr.

2004-2005       K. Martin Waters, Jr.

2003-2004       R. Powell Majors

2002-2003       Kenneth M. Harris

2001-2002       Donald E. Haack

2000-2001       C. Rex Welton

1999-2000       W. Thomas Robertson, Jr.

1997-1998       Cynthia W. Johnston

1995-1996       Thomas A. Sadler

1994-1995       Charles A. Hunter

1993-1994       David G. Welton



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