Date …………………… January 2012
Project Funding ….. $35,850
Partners ……………… Rotary Club of Gaborone



The aim of this $35,850 RI Matching Grant was to fund insecticide treated bed nets for mothers and infants in the malaria infected areas of Botswana.  It was determined that an area of significant need was the Northern areas of Botswana. A rotary club in Gaborone, Botswana, was contacted to serve as our host club in Botwana.  The Rotary Club of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County South Rotary Club, Charlotte South Rotary Club and Ballantyne Rotary Club formed a partnership with The Rotary Club of Gaborone, Botswana, to apply for funds from our clubs, from District funds and from Rotary International.

The nets which are impregnated with insecticide were purchased with funds supplied by the Rotary Club of Charlotte and the Rotary Foundation through the offices of UNICEF. They will be distributed by the Rotary Club of Gaborone in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. The nets were cleared by Advance Freight Services and they will also store them until it is time to distribute the nets. The clearing and storage is being provided at no charge. While the Rotarians were enjoying their lunch, the container was delivered and the contents offloaded and stored.

The Rotary Club of Gaborone under the leadership of Rotarian and Project Director Barney O’Reilly, collaborated and negotiated with the Ministry of Health, the Clinton Foundation, the World Relief Organization, UNICEF, and other groups throughout 2009-2010 to carry out our hopes for purchase, delivery and training on site to the mothers and families in Northern Botswana.  Barney alerted us this past week that our project is almost complete: 5,200 bednets and a group of volunteer trainers will be arriving in Northern Botswana, in the village of Nata, well before the rainy season in October.