The Rotary Club of Charlotte often receives requests from members and local nonprofits to sponsor community events and campaigns. Until now, we have not had a dedicated budget line item, application process, or committee to evaluate requests.

To build the Rotary brand outside of the club, support community nonprofits, engage members, and attract new ones.

Starting with Rotary Year 2022-23, the recommended annual budget line item is $10,000 with a goal of awarding two $2500 grants per half year or even more smaller ones. Grants are not renewable to give more nonprofits a chance to receive one.

A Community Engagement and Grant Committee has been formed to evaluate certain related grant requests and make recommendations to the Board for awarding grants. The Community Engagement and Grant Committee will meet at least quarterly, trying to meet on the last Tuesday of the following months to evaluate requests. Application deadlines will be announced from the podium at meetings/in the Rotary Reporter and to the community on our website/social channels.

  • January,
  • April,
  • July, and
  • October

To qualify for a sponsorship grant, applicants must:

  • be an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • have endorsement from two active members of our club in good standing (similar to new member applications)
  • detail how sponsorship dollars will be used. If related to an event, must address how much of the total event budget the requested amount represents, if there will be alcohol provided or sold, and expected attendance
  • describe how sponsorship dollars will help the nonprofit accomplish its mission
  • explain why Rotary involvement makes sense
  • relieve the Club from any liability beyond the amount funded by the grant
  • agree to terms and conditions for grant use
  • meet application deadlines
  • agree to provide a report on success/impact of the campaign or event that Rotary funded (impact report) and club member involvement/engagement